Gretchen Hildebran is a documentary producer and editor whose work lives at the intersection of politics, policy and human experience. Credits include: WORTH SAVING (2004), about one of the first overdose prevention programs in the country, which was presented in HBO’s Frame by Frame showcase; OUT IN THE HEARTLAND (2005) about families faced with anti-gay legislation in Kentucky. She is currently producing and editing DECADE OF FIRE, a feature documentary about the fires that destroyed the South Bronx in the 1970s.  A graduate of Stanford’s documentary program, Hildebran shot Ramona Diaz’s THE LEARNING (2011) and has edited for the History Channel, PBS and the United Nations Development Programme, as well as for for filmmakers such as Vaishali Sinha (ASK THE SEXPERT), Rebecca Haimowitz (MADE IN INDIA) and Ngawang Choephel (TIBET IN SONG). Gretchen has also produced many short public health documentaries focused on harm reduction practices such as needle exchange and overdose prevention. Her most recent, STAYING ALIVE ON THE OUTSIDE, is being used to train people currently incarcerated in New York State in how to recognize and reverse fatal opioid overdoses.



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